We are a small and dedicated team passionate about the environment. We design, build and manage high quality, off-grid systems for water, garden and power needs. From small home gardens to large commercial developments, our mission is to make ecologically-sensitive living accessible to more people in urban areas. We’re passionate about helping our clients find a more ecologically sensitive approach to city living and continue to search for ways to help our clients improve their home or work environments. We love sharing our knowledge of all things green and are constantly striving for a more holistic approach in every aspect of our own lives.We ourselves are ecologically mindful and guided by the principles of Permaculture, a solutions-based design science which aims to mimic systems found in nature and reduce reliance on external resources. At OwnGrown we’re always striving to find new, regenerative and innovative ways of living in harmony with nature.


OwnGrown … Holistic earth-friendly living.