OwnGrown’s tried and tested garden solutions – BioGrow


Summer is upon us and everything is looking good and growing well.  We thought that we would share a few of our tried and tested solutions for what should be happening in your garden right now if you want to produce a delicious, healthy crop and to keep your garden looking great!

For those of you who are growing fruiting plants, especially things like stone fruit, you might have noticed in previous years that your fruit sometimes looks great on the outside but when you bite or cut it open it has gone all soft and mushy on the inside.  We did a bit of investigating and there seem to be a few things which could cause this, none of which are easy to identify.  This could be Brown Rot caused by microbes, Internal Breakdown (IB) caused by a physiological disorder, or insect damage.  While we can’t identify exactly which of these three may be causing the damage, what we have found is a treatment which seems to work at preventing the problem in the first place.

Here at OwnGrown we always look at using ecologically sensitive methods for our approach to gardening.  We ensure that soil health is our primary concern, we use companion planting and create an environment which entices beneficial insects and other animals to either make our gardens their home or at least become regular visitors to take care of any infestation problems.  Sometimes though, especially when we’re not in a client’s gardens every day, we need to give some plants an extra hand when required and when we do, we turn to our tried and tested organic favourites.  One of these is the BioGrow Range of earth friendly organic insecticides and fertilizers.  We like to use these in combination for the best results.

For preventing the “looking great on the outside, but soft on the inside” fruit disaster, we would suggest you try the following combination: 25ml Biotrissol plus 50ml of either Bioneem (as a preventative if you can’t see any pests) or 50ml Pyrol (if you have an infestation) mix these into 5L water and spray onto directly on the plant.

Biotrissol is an organic liquid foliar fertiliser which contains a combination of nitrate, phosphoric acid, potash and trace elements which strengthens plants, promotes the formation of blooms and helps to reactivate the soil.   Bioneem is a preventative insecticide and needs to be ingested to be effective while Pyrol is a contact insecticide which works best if it lands directly on the insect or is eaten within 12 hours of spraying,  Pyrol is great if you have a blight like aphids, white fly or red spider mite.  Since using this combination around every 2 weeks we have noticed a marked improvement in the fruit set and quality.

We would be keen to hear your experiences with using this or other combinations which may have worked for you!