What to plant in March


Hey guys, we thought it may be helpful to give you a little run-down of what you could be planting in your food gardens round about now, so make a cup of tea and grab a rusk and let us transport you from the computer screen to your garden…

OK so, prep your soil, clear away the mulch a little, add a little fine compost if you need to, make some  space – give your seeds or seedlings the best chance of success.

7299206_origBeetroot, broccoli and beans can all be planted now as can carrots, cauli’s and cabbage – in fact all the brassica’s are fine to plant now (including Brussel sprouts). Leeks and onions (all varieties) are good and it may be just a tad early but we’re giving peas a go too.

It’s a touch late for potatoes but if it takes your fancy then give it a go as March is really the last month to do so. Of course, then all the standard year-round staples can go in – lettuce, spinach, celery and radish are all fine.

8404041_origPeas and beans can be sown directly into the patch. With all the others, we find it best to plant seedlings which have been grown in a propagator from seed – hardening off for a week or so before planting out.

As far as companioning goes, we have had good success inter-planting our brassicas with leeks and onions, our carrots with peas and our beetroot with beans.

Happy planting and let us know how you get on!

The OG team