What to plant in October

Fresh Radishes growing in the Garden

Isn’t this just the greatest time of the year?  The flowers are out in full bloom so everywhere you walk is just a bouquet of aroma and visual paradise.  By now you will see your food garden is looking lush and is producing nicely. You might have already started harvesting your lettuce, coriander, spinach, celery, pak choi, kale, spring onions and a few chillies to name a few.  If you have not yet topped up your mulch, you might want to consider getting on that now as the weather starts to warm up and water evaporation increases.Gardening - Runner Bean Seeds

You want to keep rotationally planting now, to ensure that you have a steady supply of food over the next few months. We suggest you plant dwarf and climbing beans, beetroot (don’t forget to use the leaves too!), cabbage, carrots, celery, cucumber, radish and spring onions.  Endive and parsnip are a great treat and you can never have too many leeks.  You of course want to have steady supply of lettuce (try and mixture of varieties) for all those summer salads.  Give marrow, melons, pumpkin a go and squash if you have the space.  Try planting some sweetcorn, sweet potato and a variety of tomatoes too!

Remember to keep checking your irrigation systems to make sure they are working correctly and nothing is blocking the lines.  Happy planting!