What to plant in September

Macro shot of some Carrots in the dirt

Spring has finally arrived!  The weather is warming and the flowers are starting to bloom.  You may have started to notice the bees buzzing life into your garden.  Ladybirds are helping out with those aphids and the spiders are starting build their webs which look beautiful when covered in the morning dew.  Your garden is now ready to be planted up with your summer crops so whether your garden is big or small it is time to get outdoors.  Grab your hat and gloves, enjoy the sunshine and start planting!

September is the real start of the summer growing season so there is plenty to plant. Why not give potatoes a go this year, Pickled cucumbers in glass jars. Spices and vegetables for preparation of pickles.sweet corn, pumpkin and sweet potato?  Also try beetroot (you can eat the leaves too!), cabbage, carrots, celery, dwarf beans, climbing beans and marrow.  Leeks and spring onion are easy to grow and provide additional flavour to your dishes.  For your perfect salad try a mixture of different lettuces.  Be adventurous and save on your grocery bill by growing mizuna, tatsoi, oak leaf, rocket, and butter lettuce. Tomatoes were a little sad last year but we’ve got high hopes for this year! Cucumbers for those salads too or why not get some growing for pickling later on in the year. If you have the space, why not get some melons going – direct sowing them now will ensure a nice early harvest.

If you haven’t prepped those beds, get a layer of the best compost you can find and apply mulch before planting anything! Don’t forget to set the irrigation system for growing as the temperature heats up.  Just keep the water restriction times for watering in mind if living in Cape Town as these are still in place. Here’s a link to their website https://www.capetown.gov.za/en/Water/Pages/Water-restrictions.aspx

If you need any help with you planting, give us a shout.  Happy Spring and happy planting!